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Snowflake Architect / Senior Lead

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About the Role

We need strong architects/engineers who can pick up and understand complex technical areas quickly and who are enthusiastic about building new technologies. The Snowflake Architect will mainly be responsible to develop, optimize and monitoring client’s data pipelines through meticulous architecting, intelligent business logic, consistent data governance, testing and continuous delivery.


  • Design and develop features, understand customer requirements and meet business goals.

  • Build highly reliable software to meet the needs of the Bludera’s clients.

  • Deep understanding of relational as well as NoSQL data stores, methods and approaches (star and snowflake, dimensional modelling).

  • Experience with data security and data access controls and design in Snowflake.

  • Proficiency in complex SQL, Unix Shell/Python Scripting, performance tuning and database optimization techniques.

  • Data warehouse design, database systems, and large-scale data processing solutions

  • Implement cloud-based Enterprise data warehouse solutions with multiple data platforms along with Snowflake and NoSQL environment to build data movement strategy.

  • Lead in Developing Project requirements for end-to-end Data integration process using ETL for Structured, semi-structured and Unstructured Data.

  • Act as Data domain expert for Snowflake in a collaborative environment to provide demonstrated understanding of data management best practices and patterns.


  • 8+ years of experience implementing data management solutions (Required).

  • Management consulting experience (Highly Desired).

  • Expertise in Snowflake concepts like setting up Resource monitors, RBAC controls, scalable virtual warehouse, SQL performance tuning, zero copy clone, time travel and automating them a plus.

  • Experience in handling semi-structured data (JSON, XML), columnar PARQUET using the VARIANT attribute in Snowflake.

  • Experience in in re-clustering of the data in Snowflake with good understanding on Micro-Partitions.

  • Experience in Migration processes to Snowflake from on-premises database environment.

  • Experience in designing and building manual or auto ingestion data pipeline using Snowpipe.

  • Experience in Cloud technologies such as AWS , Azure, GCP

  • Design and Develop automated monitoring processes on Snowflake using combination of Python, PySpark, Bash with SnowSQL.

  • SnowSQL Experience in developing stored Procedures writing Queries to analyze and transform data.

  • Certified Snowflake cloud data warehouse Architect (Desirable).

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